Who are We?






Property Professionals are a “Boutique” style Real Estate Agency with one guiding mission statement; “ To act in the best interests of our clients at all times and in all dealings.” We have firm policies of Professionalism and Ethical Behavior for all our staff.

We are not the biggest agency and nor do we want to be. Our philosophy is to stay “client focused“ and to deliver truly personal and outstanding service.



All our staff are highly experienced in their area of expertise and have many years of practical professional service behind them. Real estate is a constantly changing and evolving business to be in; legislation changes are a constant feature and Property Professionals has a policy of constant staff training and updating of every persons knowledge base so we can present our clients with the most up to date advice and opinions.



We have a broad range of clients and have a very high level of repeat and referral business. Our areas of expertise include Residential Sales, Property Management, Auctions and Project Management.  All our dealings with our clients are conducted on a confidential and secure basis.

If we can be of any assistance in any Real Estate matter please do not hesitate to contact us.


My name is Martin Lavtas and I am the Principal, Licensee and Owner of Property Professionals. I was born,raised and educated in Perth, Western Australia. Perth is one of the worlds most geographically isolated cities and so after finishing my initial studies in my early 20's I embarked on a personal mission to see as much of the world and the experiences that it had to offer as I could.



With the bullet proof bravado, adventurous spirit, and lack of funds that comes with being a young independant backpacker and traveller I managed to get to see and experience some truly amazing things in the 9 years that this personal journey took. The world is a BIG place full of many different people and cultures. Be it the Hmong people of Laos, the Masalit Tribes of Sudan/Chad or the wheeler dealers of Hong Kong we all want the same thing; to be treated with respect and dignity and to look back at the end of our time and say " I may not have succeeded every time but I tried my hardest".



Along the way of the journey I managed to get qualified as a Chef and a Master Class Mariner, quietly entered "closed" Middle East and South-East Asian countries for a look around, lived on tropical island paradises, hitchhiked across war zones, worked for one of worlds richest families and generally got involved in innumerable situations that every Mother would be horrified about (and still would be if she knew). I returned at the end of my journey with many new skills, the most important of which is the ability to relate to everyone and to be tolerant of other people beliefs and ideals.

Upon returning to Perth in the early 1990's I entered the Real Estate industry and have been practising in it ever since, gaining my Triennial Certificate and Real Estate License along the way. I started Property Professionals in 2001. I still manage to "escape" once a year for a holiday of 2 or 3 weeks to a stunning unspoilt tropical paradise that you wouldn't have heard of where I lie in my hammock under a coconut tree by the beach drinking a fruit punch that knocks your head off and try not to think about the day that the package tourists arrive and spoil the place.