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Professional Property Leasing

Our Property Management credo is simple.

We treat every one of our clients properties as if it is our own!

And we do this by:

  • Our property to manager ratio never exceeds 70:1. Ask your current property manager what their management ratio is. The industry average is around 100:1 and a lot of agencies run at 140-160:1 !

  • We never hand out keys to prospective tenants.  All property viewings take place with one of our members of staff present. It is a competitive market out there and we want to make sure we point all all the feautures and benefits of your property.

  • Our Property Condition Reports are extremely comprehensive and include digital photos. You will have access to regular digital photos of your property via email. No more wondering what the condition of the property really is, just look at the latest photos on your computer.

  • We pay all our accounts and recieve rent via electronic banking. We insist all out tenants pay their rent via electronic payment and we also pay your money to you via electronic transfer at the end of each month. No more waiting for a cheque to clear. Your money is in your account and accessable immmediately.

  • Your personal Property Manager is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more leaving a message and not getting a return call within a few hours or even at all. Just ring or email your property manager and talk with them. If we dont respond to your call within 12 hours of your contact we will reduce your fee for that calender month by 25%.

  • Nothing is too hard for us. Whatever you want we can arrange. In the past we have arranged airport pickups for clients returning from overseas, taken furniture out of storage and placed into our clients houses for them, arranged for delivery of flowers and food ready for their moving back into their home. When you are one of our clients there is nothing that we cannot do for you.


We are happy to publish our fees and charges for you to peruse and compare with others. We know that you will find our charges more than reasonable.

Full service Property Management             9.90% inc GST of gross rental received

NO Letting Fee                  

NO Property Condition Report Fee

NO Tenancy Inspection Fee        

NO Final Bond Inspection Fee   

 NO Annual Summary Fee                

NO Title Search Fee                 


Please dont hesitate to contact me either via email or by telephone. I will delighted to discuss your requirements and needs and to assist you with any questions or queries you may have in relation to property management.

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